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A Strong Defense For Drug Offenses

New York takes drug offenses very seriously and vigorously prosecutes them. If you are facing drug charges, you need your own serious defense team working to protect your rights. At the Law Offices of Richman Hill & Associates, PLLC, our experienced attorneys will listen to you and work with you to create the strongest defense possible. They have been defending clients throughout New York City for more than 50 years, combined. You can trust our team to fight for you throughout the process. Our practice is solely dedicated to criminal defense.

Responding To All Drug-Related Charges

Drug charges come in many forms. Both state and federal laws follow a schedule of controlled substances that lists different drugs according to their perceived danger to the public. Laws and penalties follow this schedule. Often the amount of the drugs involved will dictate both the offense charged and the severity of the penalty. Common offenses we assist clients with include:

  • Driving while ability impaired (DWAI) by drugs – If you rely on your ability to drive, you could lose your license and your livelihood with a DWAI conviction.
  • Possession – Although charges of possession are at the low end of the penalty scale, they can still result in jail time and hefty fines and can still have a drastic effect on your future.
  • Distribution, sale and trafficking – If you possess over a certain amount of any scheduled drug, law enforcement may decide to charge you with intent to distribute. Likewise, if you are caught selling the drugs, you could face a sale of a controlled substance charge.
  • Manufacturing – Mixing different chemicals to create and manufacture drugs for sale is a serious felony that can result in years in prison.

If your charges include other crimes such as weapons offenses or violent crimes, that can raise the stakes for your case. Federal law enforcement can also pursue drug charges under any level and any scheduled drug, though they tend to focus on larger operations. If you find yourself the target of a federal investigation, our attorneys are experienced in federal court.

Marijuana In New York: What Is Allowed?

Laws surrounding marijuana use and possession are changing rapidly across the country. In New York, adults 21 and older can now possess a small amount of marijuana for personal use. If you are caught with more than three ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of concentrated cannabis in your possession outside of your home, however, you could still face serious charges.

Note that serious penalties still exist for violating marijuana laws if you go beyond what is legally allowed or attempt to sell marijuana without a license. If you have questions or concerns about these laws or any legal matters surrounding drug charges, contact us for answers.

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